Bulk Orders

Many small farm owners have difficulty properly displaying their meat products to the customer. Without expensive and space taking commercial equipment they are forced to search for a cost effective alternative that doesn’t lack professional presentation. Our bags do just that. Our poultry heat shrink bags are perfect for fast, inexpensive and effective meat packaging. The use of our bags is easy. All you need is a pot of a hot water (around 180-190 degrees). After the chicken is inserted into the shrink bag, it should be tied with a zip tie, or even a twine. Making a small slit in the breast area will ensure air escaping from the bag and beautiful shrinkage around your bird. 3-5 seconds in the hot water will do the trick. After that time, a label can be placed on top of the slit to further enhance the professional look. As small farm owners, we understand the frustration of making our products look professional on a budget. That is why we are offering special pricing on bulk orders. This is a great option for those who have to process larger quantity of birds at one time, or simply want to stock up for the year and take advantage of savings. Our heat shrink bags have a shelf life of 2 years.

10x18 Heat Shrink Bags (1000 ct box)

Includes:- 1000 count of 10x18 inch clear poultry shrink bags- will fit whole bird size 5-8 lb- thic..


16x28 Heat Shrink Bags (500 ct box)

Includes:- 500 count of 16x28 inch clear poultry shrink bags- will fit whole medium-large turkey siz..


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